Thursday, January 6, 2011

Signs Of The Time (Around Town)

I ask myself that everyday. What's my purpose here? Where was I going? How do I get there? What was it I was doing? Gah, I forgot the market list! As if I really need to be reminded of my thought process on a billboard. Though it appears I do.

Driving or walking around town can be pretty humorous when you have funny neighbors and equally entertaining signage. Some neighbors love to expound pertinent newsor gossipwhile others live in caves. The signage, however, always keeps us informed.

For instance, I didn't realize that this town still had farmers (I thought, in fact, that almost every square inch of this formerly rural area had been developedsuch are our zoning laws) until I saw this:

Can you imagine my surprise? And on Industrial Drive, no less.

I know I've driven by this a thousand times, but something about it struck me today:

What do you think this curve could have possibly done to be so labeled? Talk about a scarlet letter. It's got lots of letters to tell us how awful it is.

Perhaps that bad curb was why this sign went up a few years back:

Every time I pass this sign, I half expect to roll through some kind of vortex that forces all moving objects to operate in slow motion; whereupon, such objects are released after the 0.5 miles odyssey and instantaneously propelled forward, turbo charged. I call this sign "Flux". It's my life in a nutshell.

And then there's this, that gives me vertigo every time I look at it (so I try not to):

Geesh. I don't know what the hell to do here.

And I feel sorry for this driveway, and wonder if it was born this way or involved in some terrible accident:

(I know, I  just couldn't resist. Go ahead, slap my hand.)

And then, today for the very first time, I saw this:

Holy cow, there are still farms in town! Hallelujah. Actually, this is right by Franklin Farm. A nice little slice of heaven. And those farmers do good work.

And this:

Hallelujah again. Yes we can! Can what remains a mystery.

The below sign has been around for a while. I never really read the fine print, and I see now that I've been missing some rather critical information.

I wish I had had this phone number sooner. I've so many questions... like, what if I have some even numbers in my odd numbered house?

And our town's pièce de résistance:

I'm tongue-tied. No, actually I'm not. I'd be very interested to know who the graphic designer is for this piece of work. I need some help with my website. I'll bet she charges a fortune.

At least one neighbor had the good sense to dress up her sign for the holidays:

And for Heaven's sake, who the heck is throwing their poop bags down the drains?! Shame, shame.


  1. Can't help but think of that song, " . . . signs, signs, everywhere there's signs, blockin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind . . . And that dog poop sign! What the what! The town couldn't send out friendly post card, a notice in the Valley Breeze? Now THAT would have made for some good local chat!

  2. I started to laugh when I saw the sign about "Calm driving", and reading your comment made me lose it. Thanks for the cheer.

  3. LA- It would probably have been cheaper to send postcards or plug a notice in the VB. But maybe those drain dumpers don't read (I assume that's the case).
    Shopgirl - I know, right?! I'm telling you, something otherworldy happens as I maneuver that measured 1/2 mile.

  4. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Great post.

  5. TnT - my pleasure! I'm enjoying your blog. ;)