About This Blog/Comments/Copyrights

This website/blog is the May, 2010 invention of the Suburban Soliloquist (a/k/a Jayne).

Until today, there was too much information on this information page. So, if you are confused by references made in any of my posts, or want to know what the "old colonial" is, or why the comment section is disabled from time to time (hint: spam), or how this blog is organized, or who or what my muses are, or which posts are fiction, non-fiction or poetry (in the event you don't read labels at the bottom of posts—you'll see "fiction" if it is fiction), or why I'm even writing, for that matter, or what's trapped in the hull, or how goes the MFA program, or why there's a picture of a wooden bench on this page, or what you may or may not copy or steal (though you may always share) from this blog, you should feel free to ask in the comments section (if enabled) of any post, or email your inquiries or concerns or criticisms to suburbansoliloquist@gmail.com.

There. Isn't that a lot better than six paragraphs of bullshit?

To read Masefield's Sea Fever, go here.