Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Frolic — Heading for the Fir Lined Hills

The Juveniles Children in N.H. Fall 2009.

To New Hampshire I go, I go
Oh yes, it's so, it's so!
for my sister waits
for these special dates
in the hills of the Great White North.

With she I find my best friend,
this sisterly love we tend
strolling the wispy-haired summit
its rocky paths down we plummet
the grand hills of the Great White North

Bathing in its giggling brooks
with smooth stones underfoot
the wade shan't be brief
as we covet relief
of heat cloaking the Great White North

Spouses away the weekend
this, being when we pretend
to have no annoyance or burden
until we recall we've the juveniles children
in the hills of the Great White North

Still, we ladies have one another
the juveniles children not too much bother
behaved, they'll  allow us to gossip
lest they desire a backhand wallop
in the HILLS of the Great White North

Right now, I'm feeling as giddy as Jade and Alex. Ready to hit the road with my babes and clamber beyond Franconia Notch to where Backwoods Betty makes her beautiful hillside home. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, who helped usher in the current folk-rock revival, are fired up to make the journey with us.

There's been mountains of rumor as to whether or not their euphoric sound is drug induced. They—Alex and Jade, at least—appear so enraptured by life, in love with their music, it's almost impossible to believe it's a natural high, a rush at the peak. But Alex Ebert and his alter ego (Edward Sharpe: "a messianic porn star whose mission to save mankind is disrupted by a series of romantic entanglements with beautiful women") has cleaned up his act since leaving Ima Robot (see him here, with Ima in a very different, darker role), and now stands high on love and life. The anthems he composes are gleeful and brimming with hope.

New Hampshire-bound jingles and hymns that set our spirits free. (Maybe I'll even turn off the droid.)

Betty: I'm coming up!

Backwoods Betty's place -- a/k/a Maggie's Farm
(photo from Design New England)


  1. always look forward to your Friday evening posts Jayne - I could use some cold, frozen, north etc. right now.

  2. Yay! Can't wait! Enjoy the drive, with your New Hampshire-bound jingles and hymns.

  3. Yes, the children become juveniles way too fast. But juveniles are fun too tough >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. man, there's a lot of trees in new hampshire.

    have and excellent adventure.

  5. Oh I love your music pic this week! (And I've actually heard them before, so that's a nice bonus.)
    I hope you have a good time with your sis. The poem makes me believe you will!

  6. Your joy is contagious, I can really feel the happy anticipation dancing off this post! You go, girl, have an absolutely fantabulous time - can't wait to hear of your exploits..

  7. BIG fan of Sharp and The Zeros, here! And I want to thank you so much for introducing me to Kimbra; I think of her as the more wholesome heir to the Winehouse legacy and it helps to have her.

    Would love to wade in a giggling brook with you!

  8. David- Hotter than the proverbial H.E. double hockey sticks (as the sprite would way). Finally cooling off here in N.E.

    Hope you're finding some relief!

  9. BWB- It was wonderful, sis. ;)

  10. Cold- Oh, yeah, juveniles are cherries, staining sweet goodness. Really, I can never get enough of them. ;)

  11. BP- 'Twas excellent. And yes, way big trees in NH. Some pretty good for climbing, too. ;)

  12. Laoch- Thanks. Still recovering from the north woods epic. Good fun. :)

  13. Nessa- ES is great, eh? Pretty infectious music. Had a wonderful time in NH. Always do. :)

  14. Shrinky- I may just write about those exploits. ;)

  15. Nance- Eerie. Almost prophetic statement given Winehouse's untimely (or was it?) demise. I always knew you were a bit of a diviner.

    I think maybe I'll listen to Kimbra, now. ;)

  16. Mark- Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation. Good to meet you! :)

  17. ‘Drug induced sounds’ – interesting? Your latest post has reminded me that I need to get out of this town for a few days. Some new scenery perhaps.

  18. Hope you had/are having a great time.

  19. Well now. Take me home, fir-lined hills.

    Not that I'm from there, mind you. But any of those places up there sure do feel like home; they did the first time I visited New England, and they have every time since.

    M. Ebert-Sharpe and the Zeros, unsurprisingly, are new to me. Just as unsurprisingly, since the musical recommendation comes from you, I like them very much. He's very much a Jim Henson sort, isn't he? And together they're almost too adorable.

    I've got a 21-year-old nephew who left a couple weeks ago for a camping trip of two or three months' duration, all around the country (or at least, the Western part of it). For Christmas, my sis and brother-in-law gave him a year-long pass to every national park in the country: an outstanding gift, I thought, for someone then majoring (and now with a degree) in life sciences and ecology who'd never seen any national park until a Grand Canyon visit last year.

    Listen to me -- who have* never been to any national park at all. (The only sense in which I'm not parochial is mentally. :))


    * What's right there? "Has" or "have"?

  20. Sorry I missed you Friday, I'm here now trying to catch up. Sure hope the Great White North was good to you. See you soon. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  21. EW- Don't be too long--it's good to see you back on Blogger! :-)

  22. Hilary- Peaceful and invigorating as can be. I did not want to leave!

  23. JES- Jim Henson sort--hadn't thought of that, but it works! Quite adorable, yes.

    We ought to be so thankful that our national parks are protected. The government, with a bit of coaxing, got it right, there. Incredible, eh? There was so much to ponder north of Rhode Island. My mind ran wild for days afterward, trying to connect all the dots, and after a week of running myself ragged with kid duty, and a trip to the Cape, I'm finally starting to sort it out. And write again!

    Boy the wood are good for the soul. Lucky nephew... that's a trip of a lifetime. We should all plan a vacation like that! ;)

  24. Jules- Good for me and my soul. And good to see you back. I'll be stopping over... :)