Friday, May 13, 2011

Purging, More Apologies, etc.

Seems Blogger thought too many of us were hoarding comments, so they decided to have a yard sale. My apologies (yet again!) for the loss of many of your comments left on my previous post, including my responses to all. Ugh. Apparently Blogger has not perfected their technology (especially when housekeeping), which is alright, it can mean only there are improvements to come. Nonetheless, I know how much thought and time goes into our comments, and I very much appreciate yours, so having them practically stolen is quite frustrating.

While I'm here, explaining what most of you may already know, I'd like to extend to you a great big Thank You for visiting, and for your very kind support. And a special Thank You to Hilary of The Smitten Image, for extending this special award to me in her May 4th blog entry, recognizing this post as a Good Read.

Also, much thanks to The Blogger Formerly Know As for giving to me this special charm:

Warning: I'm going to have a Sally Field moment and say, I think this means she likes me. (I like her,too.)

And now that Blogger is up and running once again, Friday Night Frolic will follow...


  1. Congratulations.

    I know the feeling, apparently commenting is not as important as we think it is.

    Inappropriate chuckle at your labels for this:"Stress, Confusion, thanks."

  2. Congratulations and condolences. Awards and comments that is. I use an email account to have a copy of my comments, which by the way... every time I leave a comment here I get an email error message from you?!

    Have a great weekend.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. Antares- I would have added some profanity to those labels, as well, but it would be a disappointment for those searching the labels. ;)

    Jules- Thank you, and yes, aarrgghh so frustrating. I do have comments emailed to me as well, but once they're published, I often clear my inbox. I don't know why you're getting an error message?? Do you have Hmmm...