Friday, May 13, 2011

"Friday Night Frolic" - En Pointe

Internet source unknown

"They put the mask on me and Dr. T asked if I felt floaty and I said No, then he said to the nurse 'Ok, take it to three', and he asked me again if I felt floaty, and I said No, not really, so he said, 'Alright take it to four,' and then I felt floaty. I was so happy I laughed, and he went in with the tools and I kept laughing non-stop. 

I closed my eyes and saw Katy Perry sitting on a light-pink cloud in a blue sky filled with pink puffy clouds, and Katy said, with a thumbs up, 'You got it, Girl,' and then I saw Snoop Dogg right next to her and I laughed again. Could you hear me? I think I was pretty loud. Dr. T. asked, 'Are you doing alright, Princess?' and I gave him a thumbs up and he pulled and pulled and that’s when I moaned. Did you hear me moan, Mom? a great big mwaaahhh. That hurt. Even with the gas it hurt.

Gauze was jammed in my mouth and they could hardly understand me shouting for you. But they told me not to worry, that you'd be right in after we were done. And when it was over they took me out and put me in a little room, that recovery room, and there you were.

Wait, were you already in the room before I got in, or did you come in after? I can’t remember. Oh God my cheeks hurt. I think the doctor did some kind of magic trick at the end and the nurses laughed, but I didn’t think it was that funny, whatever it was. 

I think nitrous oxide might be addictive, Mom. I like that floaty feeling. And Katy Perry giving me a thumbs up on a pink cloud. Yeah."

And this, she said, in one easy glissade, rolling from her dry, plasma-stained lips as if she had her tutu and Capezios on, ready for the ballet.

One thing is for certain. It takes no special effort to extract words from my daughter's mouth. Pulling teeth is another matter. Visions of a naked Katy Perry hugging the cotton candy cloud of her California Gurls video is ever so more disconcerting.

Once we were home my only desire was to quickly help Lulu forget about the quadruple extraction and Perry. I was prepared with my own magic trick: strawberry ice cream and a young, authentic chanteuseKimbra

And it worked. By her response to the enchanting, emotive twenty year old's music, I know the little one is soon to outgrow Perrylikely before the dramatic eruption of her adult molars. I pray.

In any event, do you think I should be concerned by the extent to which Lulu enjoyed her nitrous oxide gas moment?

Hmm... Maybe I ought to give N2O a whirl.


  1. A great sensory experience --and perspective, and now I'm going to brush my teeth... You're a wonder, and a wonder-mom.

  2. I'm an instant Kimbra fan! Got to have more. I think that's who I wanted to be from the time I was born, but I just didn't know it. Yep, she's the one.

    I couldn't help thinking of Amy Winehouse before she turned into herself. She had that fabulous, jazzy, quirky, utterly seductive thing...I know she did, 'cause I saw it and heard it. I've been mourning her demise since the "Back To Black" album, and the Universe has heard my wish! HOW can I thank thee?!

  3. Oooooooooooh, that was some serious trip this little one experienced (giggle)! Thank goodness for strawberry ice-cream, eh?

    What a brilliant post.

  4. I had a similar experience with the dentist, but it was Whoopi Goldberg and The Almighty in a wood-panel station wagon. (But I don't think you should worry, unless Lulu seems a little TOO happy to go to the dentist again, haha!)

  5. I want more Kimbra and maybe some of what Lulu had :-))). How come you never told me about her before?!!! I'm going way, way back in time here, but somehow she reminded of Melissa Manchester.

  6. Thank you for sharing this, reminded me of Winehouse too and Adele.

    There is a lot of talent out there, maybe we'll lose the current formulaic trend at last?

    Not sure if you saw or commented before blogger took a sick day, but came across an interesting French music video, which you might appreciate on my recent post.

  7. Maria- And I just brushed mine (after one ridiculously long weekend)! The girl is the real wonder, an incredible trooper. I want to be just like her. ;)

    Nance- Isn't she darling?! You are so right about the Winehouse sound/vibe, but I hope Kimbra's got a better head on her shoulders. Her first Album "Vows" is due out this year... I'll keep you posted. :)

    Shrinky- Ice cream and lots of kisses. Works like a charm. ;)

    Nessa- Ha! I don't think she's too anxious to get back to the surgeon but she's ready for the braces!

    LinAnn- Ah, yes, way back, but I can see a little resemblance there!
    Whatever happened to MM?!

    Anatares- It's the absence of formula that I'm attracted to, exactly. I'm going try to spend Monday afternoon catching up on my blog reading, so I'll be stopping by soon. French and music is a combination I don't like to miss. ;)

  8. Uhh...ahh...hmmm...a naked Katy Perry!? For some reason that phrase kinda jumped out at me. Well I am a boy I spose. Well a man...I think. Oh dear I have really let this pony loose now haven't I? Probably best to skip those first few fragments and start reading my comment from here.!
    Nitrous...ahh the joys of that stuff when I was a kid. It almost made me want to go to the dentist so I could suck down that dizzy high. Mum, who was a dental nurse was very impressed with my eagerness to visit the dentist so often until she twigged that I had a nitrous monkey on my back. The floaty, gloaty other worldliness that came with it...
    Nice post....

  9. "I saw Snoop Dogg"... Do you mind if I use that on occasion?

  10. i feel her pain! i'm back to the dentist on thursday to put everything back together.

  11. I hope Lulu's feeling okay, and enjoying lots of ice cream and tlc from Mom :)

  12. Thanks for letting us "hear" the thoughts of Lulu, she is as articulate as her mom. :)

  13. Great post. I'm glad everything came out all right. Kimbra is awesome :)

  14. I found your blog through the New England Overlord. What a find! I never was a fan of laughing gas, even when I tried it, outside of the dentists office, sucking it out of an inflated balloon. I am now absolutely a fan of yours...and, WOW!, Kimbra's. Great work Jayne! You are a model for bloggers everywhere.

  15. Dan- Er, yes, I guess Perry has that effect on the guys. I just laugh! And speaking of laughter... Wouldn't I love to have a continual source of that gas right here in the corner of my kitchen (where I'm working today). Where can I get me an industrial size container of that? :-)

    Munk- Run with it, baby. ;)

    BP- Oh, I don't envy you or my daughter. Ouch. Good luck with that!

    Joanne- She's much better now, thank you!

    Shopgirl- I don't have any choice but to hear ALL of her thoughts, but I'm judicious with what I let everyone hear here. There's just way too much streaming consciousness!

    Carol- Thank you. And Kimbra's a recent find. Just in time. ;)

  16. Kevin- Thanks so much for your very kind comments and joining in the conversation. Good to have you here my fellow New Englander... I'll be stopping by your place shortly. :)

  17. OK, I'll need to be as brave as you two when daughter #3 has her wisdom teeth out in a few weeks. I dread it.

  18. Pleased you like Ray Bradbury.
    Will catch up in the Autumn.
    Merci de la visite

  19. Before I had my appendectomy, I met the anaesthetist, who asked me, “Have you ever had gas before?” I told him, “Yes, I used to be given it when I went to the dentist.” “And,” he continued, “were there any problems?” I nodded and replied, “Yes, whenever I came to, I had less teeth than before.”

  20. She's amazing! Thanks for introducing Kimbra to me.

  21. Something good for all of us coming from the dentist experience, which I hope is fine now. Kimbra...the word chanteuse - of the old school - came to mind, a voice so agile, if a voice can be such, an instrument. Visions of other times, small rooms with knees crammed under tiny tables, being enveloped by song. Thank you. :D

  22. I've never had the experience of nitrous oxide, only Novocaine. If I had my choice, though, I would opt for full anesthesia even for just having my teeth x-rayed and cleaned.

    To me it was a monumental mistake of evolution to put nerves inside of teeth.