Friday, December 17, 2010

"Friday Night Frolic" - Pates Tapes

Whose collection cannot be lumped within any particular taxonomy, other than "music" and perhaps, tricks "that can only be performed by humans." And that is no small stunt, as the latter category narrows with each passing day, a tin takeover no longer unimaginable. But here, the mastermind behind Pates Tapes proves the worth of civilized beings. No machinery will suffice.

A Chardonnay luncheon with Sheila leaves me languid and lighthearted, sentimental and serene, just the right temperament for  Pates Tapes—especially his Christmas Knees Up compilationand burrowing through the mastermind's Background and Reviews, where I gather he goes by "C" (although a slip of "Charles" in the Reviews). What C has done is remarkable, a repository of refrain like no other.

What robot would put this:

and this:


Afro beat and the King, under Nwel La RiveHaitian Creole for Christmas came (or Christmas is here?).

And streaming, free, masterful music mix? Just click. Genius.

Thank you, C, for the mortal melding of these melodies and more.


  1. I was just downloading some Christmas tunes myself, but I think you'd find my selections pedestrian at best--I just prefer the old carols we sang at church when I was little. I have a playlist full of British cathedral choirs singing God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.

  2. Lovely, original and musically poignant. Nothing like smacking on a bit of Elvis in the morning!
    Love your blog, your natural,honest style and i look forward to your next post!

    p.s. I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing and was wondering if there was a chance you could take a look at my blog? Love it or detest it, any comment from a pro like you would be much appreciated! Thanks again for making me smile

  3. HIF: I love the traditional tunes, too, they can't be replaced. But it's fun to mix, augment the Christmas song list... which is what's great about PatesTapes: it offers old and new in a very well thought out presentation.
    Roma: Thanks for peeking in, I'm glad you enjoyed the read. I'll hop over the pond and poke in on you, as well. :)

  4. Thanks for the tip, that site has a lot of stuff for me to dig through, (that's once i get through listening to the Joy Division and Smiths over and over)and thanks for stopping by the lounge as well during my holiday music extravaganza... or whatever it is.

  5. Kono: Hope you're enjoying those tapes!

  6. I think I'll listen to Lord Nelson's Party for Christmas to get me going this morning and similar tunes to keep me going. Then I'll end the day on the sofa listening to Evis' Merry Christmas Baby with a thick creamy eggnog and rum while gazing at my twinkling Christmas tree and releasing many sighs of relief!