Friday, December 24, 2010

"Friday Night Frolic" - I Really Love Christmas


I do. Christmastime. Even in the suburbs.

Even though I'm not here:

Internet source unknown

Or here:

Photo credit: Hal Morgan

No matter, I'll soon be here:

Internet source unknown

And here:

Painting by Angela McIntosh

But never mind all that. (It's Friday, and Christmas Eve, and this is supposed to be about music, right?)

Christmastime. I love the  pearl-frost flakes floating in the air. I love the caroling and candy canes, the bells and holly, the smell of pine and baked gingerbread, the wassail and whiteness of winter. I love the family gatherings, the exchange of the special (and secreteven Uncle Ricky manages to keep it so) Kris Kringle present each year, and all the festivities the season brings. I love the trips to the Great White North, and then north of there.

And especially the Christmas music, jazz or folk, classical or contemporary, rock or reggae.

But the rock. And by the greatest performer in the greatest rock & roll band. Ever. (This is not disputable.) Especially here—on this soundtrack, which is far superior to the filmwith Joss Stone:

Merry Christmas to All.


  1. Merry Christmas Jane. You are right on the money as usual.

  2. Mark - I think it would be difficult to be off it here! Been loving Mick since I was born.