Friday, November 26, 2010

"Friday Night Frolic" - Sex, Lies and Videotape

And Backwoods Betty, telling me about this (in a hushed tone, opens her sleek MacBook, pulls up the video; someone else told her, she says, at work, at that office in the Great White North, the back country, shh; I can barely contain myself; whoa sis, and you heard this where? forget the city, I need to move north; what has happened to me in the burbs? I'm not just rearranging the backyard stones, I'm living under them; how could I have missed her? she's been around since when? this neo-soul vanguard, mining smooth, indelible grooves; detonating deep, spongy vibrations; nothing standing between her and desire, she's drenched in it):

Don't you worry your little heart, child, I'll bet your beau comes back a better man. If he comes back.


  1. This was excellent--both your take on it, and the video--LOVED both!

  2. Betty likes this. Glad I could bring a little big city enlightenment to the somnambulant suburbs by way of the GWN. BTW, my source is from NYC.

  3. @Maria - Glad you enjoyed it... had fun with this Frolic!
    @ BWB - Oh, BWB, you enlighten every morsel of earth on which you meander. Especially in those wellies.