Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jai Guru Deva om...

Irony is never lost on me. So when Paul kindly handed me this award, I must confess I felt somewhat of a fraud. (Hey, it's National Poetry Month, people!)

Truth is, I haven't felt inspired for some time. Thus, I don't know how I could possibly inspire.

For a while, though, a long time actuallyperhaps since I started this blog last JuneI'd felt like I'd been traveling through magnificently aureate high altitude terrain. I'd barely had time to acclimate. I just went. When one is in the zone, so to speak, one does not worry about acclimatization. One goes. One climbs. One keeps their eye on the zone, its horizon and zenith.

But here's the thing, traveling to, or at, high altitudes can be quite dangerous. As it was when some years ago I was out skiing Arapahoe Basin, CO, whose summitat over 13,000 feet above sea levelis one of the loftiest (as in vertical and noble) skiable mountains in the States. Oxygen thins. Pressure increases against vital organs. Even when you think your marching along just fine, acute sicknessthat hard headachestealthily sets off its missiles. There's no bomb shelter for this sort of thing.

(And no matter what they tell you, you cannot see beyond the horizon. You simply cannot. Not physically, anyway.)

One morning, not long ago, I woke up and I wasn't at the top of the mountain anymore. I was in a plateau. I was looking at the mountains. Out there. On the horizon. It wasn't particularly ugly where I waslevel land with just a bit of leafy growth and little fauna. Though not much to keep my attention, except for snow-dripped tips dotting the mountain range. This isn't a manic-depressive thing. It's not bipolar. It's just where I was that day, and where I remained until, well, this morning.

But last week Paul (of Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies and a major pundit of all things Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer), who I've met only by way of blogosphere, sent me the Inspiration Awardwhich I pass along (acceptance of which is not required) to Cricket and Porcupine, and to Shopgirl, and to Leah, and to Tim (who I suspect is one of his students' favorites), and to David. All wonderful writers. All inspire. (Really, you All inspire. In one way or another. You All deserve a great big Inspiration Award. Take it from me. Literally.)

And then, yesterday, Sean (whose bloghad he oneI would happily follow. Sean?), who I've met only on few occasions, family gatherings, sent me this:

(Yesit's National Poetry Month, people!)

And this morning, a carpool conversation about this weekend's school trip to Washington (my son leaves at 4:00am tomorrow) in whichin a rather circuitous waythe following was discussed:
  • The lush golf courses of Palm Springs (only because I thought someone had mentioned Palm Desert, where I had, in fact, golfed); 
  • How one needs only a golf cart to get around Palm Springs or Palm Desert; and, 
  • Golf shirts as appropriate Spirit of Washington cruise attire for boys. 
And as I made my way to the off ramp from the highway, on the opposite side, a flatbed carrying golf carts was about to get on the highway. Golf carts.

These types of coincidences happen often. I take note of them. It may seem a little kooky, but I don't believe that coincidence is just coincidence. I don't know what these coincidences necessarily mean, but I know a deeper meaning coincides within.

I don't have time to piece it all together, all of this babble above. Maybe you can help me out?

But I do know, I trust, that the World, indeed, conspires. Forging mind and matter, spirit and sensation, the World clears way for us all. It plots and schemes. The machination of all forces of life, animate and inanimate, in karmic swirls. Birds sing, fish leap from ponds, cicadas buzz on warm summer nights. Great works of art hang on white walls in museums. Musicians perform in the round. Shakespeare still appears in red velvet curtained theatres. Fiction continues to be composed. And poetry. Our voices, our words, are heard. The World awaits us with open arms and embraces us. It does.

So... Big cyber hugs to Paul and to Sean, to the kids in the car, to golf carts, and Across the Universe, where I know they will be felt. And I'll feel them back.

Sounds of laughter shades of life
are ringing through my open ears
exciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love which
shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on across the universe
Nothings gonna change my world.


  1. I'm familiar with sequential thought process that makes complete sense, to me;)
    1. Congratulations on this well deserved award
    2. Keep climbing
    3. More blogs to check out; time, time, time...
    4. Synchronicity
    5. Wonderful world of art and literature
    6. :)

  2. First congrats on the award no fraud there. I think of mountains as a sign there are altitudes we have yet to reach and reach went meant to be. Just like a truck load of golf carts at the proper moment. So my friend, find inspiration in the fact you can see those mountains and that they call to you and yes, your time will come to attain that altitude.

    Didn't think I miss a chance to return a lovely comment did you? ;)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. well, I don't believe in coincidence either but I have no idea what the golf carts mean.

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  5. Awww, you're awesome! In not so many artful words, I think the golf cart coincidence is
    a sign of spring
    soon summer will bring
    a time to rejuvenate
    a time to create
    and those little critters
    well, they'll just conspire to inspire
    Hey, it's poetry month and that's all I've got!

  6. you are too kind Jayne - I was just about to write I would definitely award you an inspiration award, I mean if I knew how to give awards, before I saw your mention. You really should do the A-Z challenge. Can you do 24 letters in one night?

  7. Jayne - thank you for the award. It has been inspirational knowing you through the blog world, to say the least.

  8. You're welcome Jayne, I hope your writing continues to inspire me for a long time to come.

  9. Congrats for the award, it's well deserved :)

  10. Antares- I have to ask myself a dozen times, before I hit the Publish button, if i make sense. So I will definitely keep climbing! Synchronicity. I love that word. ;)

    Jules- I think you've got it! Yes, mountains do call to me, and I'll keep my eyes trained on those peaks. But what of the carts? Can we golf at the top of a mountain range? ;)

    Ellen- Weird coincidences abound in my world. I'll bet they do for you, too. Wise to pay attention. Sometimes though I think I seek for to much meaning in a thing. It is a metaphor? Is it a symbol? A warning? I can drive myself crazy.

    LinAnn- Sweetheart Lin, that was most artistic and poetic. I think you're right - spring is certainly in the air. The sun is brillian this morning. Let's go for a walk! ;)

    David- I think you've done the A to Z challenge well enough for all of us. I admire your stamina! I'm lucky if I can bang out two posts a week. And yours are always perfectly logical, informative and inspiring pieces. Maybe I should go back to school for Journalism? Maybe that's what the golf carts are telling me? Or is it that I should just retire?!

  11. Shopgirl- My pleasure. I'm loving your stories. Your piecing a book together, my dear... yes you are. ;)

    Paul- No pressure there! Fortunately I am surrounded by great writers who inspire me--as well as intimidate at times. But that's all good, gives me much with which to aspire!

    Starlight- Thank you! :)

  12. Congratulations. Know that whereas you may feel fraudulent, I can give sworn testimony that you inspire. I love to read your words.
    I think that feeling of not-quite-inadequacy, that want to be better, it drives us to be more, and I dread the day when I think I'm really as awesome as I want to be.
    The way you write, hell, I'd love to spend a few hours with coffee or tea and talk for too long about too many things. I know we'd get along famously.

  13. See, the trouble with interpreting coincidences is that the universe (even on this side, let alone across it) speaks a language which none of us do. Like, maybe the golf carts meant something completely unconnected to all the previous golf talk -- along the lines of, "If you know what's good for you, you'll all start carpooling in golf carts. Really. I am not even kidding. I'm planning a disaster next week for anyone going to work in a car."

    And, well, there you go. Obviously you can inspire much more easily and off-handedly than you think you can. (Although I don't for a second that it's really as easy as you make it look.) Congratulations!

  14. I LOVED "This is my voice". I want to see if I can find a written transcript of the poem. Remarkable work and moving work!!

  15. AH! JES- I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Can't I get an exact translation somewhere?! Absent that I want to believe the Universe is sending optimistic, be it cryptic, messages. Although, I know this cannot always be true. I know coincidence is not always happy coincidence. E-gads, I think I'm going to have everyone ride bikes for a while.
    And most things do not come easily for me. Especially writing. True. But thank you for that. ;)

    Robert- Yes--isn't it terrific? Mr. Koyczan is a prolific poet. And pretty comfortable behind the mic. You can look him up here:

  16. Danger- You're so right. I'm no perfectionist, but I am my worst critic, I scold myself a lot--the drive to do better is always there. Sometimes it's immobilizing.
    Thanks for your very kind comments. If you're ever out this way, make sure you give me advance notice. I'd be happy to meet the Dangerous One! ;)

  17. Dear Jayne,
    Congratulations on your award - it's truly well deserved!

  18. When those coincidences occur I like to think that the universe and I are sharing a private moment; winking and pointing, laughing at life together, enjoying a clandestine intimacy that is invisible to others, proving to me that magic is real… yet leaving me to wonder about everything.
    Jayne, you inspire me every time I visit you. You’re writing spans genres, touching everything like the reaching fingers of the sea. I love coming here it’s sort of become my escape. Thank you for the award…I am thrilled to have inspired you.

  19. SF- Thanks so much! :)

    Leah- You're right--it is exactly like a private moment! A moment, as you said, that's intimate yet contains an indecipherable subtext.
    I couldn't wait to pass this award along to you Leah--you're writing is pure soul--puts me right under a spell. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to link and share you(!) but the world simply must see your beautiful writing. :)

  20. J-Girl, you deserve more than an award, I am thinking syndicated column, but for the time being, congratulations!
    I once got chased down the street with a nine iron...damn, if that had connected I don't think I would be here today ;)

  21. Thank you Jayne-I'm honored. Your writing does inspire. I just went back and read the post you wrote about your dad and Ella Fitzgerald. That one still floors me. I recently lost my father, and the emotion in that piece really speaks to me. Keep up the great work, and thanks again.

  22. Dan- LOL! You're too kind. I highly doubt my scribble would ever get picked up for syndication, but I sure would be happy if I could make a few pennies writing.
    So, about the nine iron--sounds like this was sort of like a Tiger Woods moment? ;)

    Tim- I lost my dad almost 11 years ago now, and it is still very hard to write about him. But writing is a also a form of therapy, and the best way I can think to keep his memory alive.
    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I can't say the hurt ever goes away--there's still a rawness even now. But the memories live in your heart, and they sustain. They do.

  23. Well done on the award! While you may not be feeling inspired of late, spring is never-the-less elbowing its way into our winter weary bodies so - oolala - watch for inspiration to grab you by the waist and dance you into its magic...

  24. Thanks Jayne. I'm touched, and grateful, glad you found a bit of inspiration, and sorry I took so long to get back to you. It's been a bit crazy here lately.

    Anyway, thanks. I'll be back later ;-)

  25. No believer in coincidence, either. Somehow the pieces are brought together, matches made, THIS affirms THAT. Congratulations on your award, deserved for many reasons but today, for sharing Sean with us. What a stirring, take-no-prisoners wake-up call for a bright spring morning. He is glorious. Thank you