Friday, October 15, 2010

"Friday Night Frolic" - GONE GONE GONE!

Alison Krauss, an extraordinary country artist (but so much more than just a country artist): 

You may have heard her ethereal voice from several different movie soundtracks, such as Mona Lisa Smile, Cold Mountain, (where she sings the heartbreaking and haunting melody, The Scarlet Tide—click, but I warn you, there will be tears) and O Brother, Where Art Thou; or, from TV series like The Wire and Sesame Street. Perchance you have seen her performing with Yo-Yo Ma, or on Austin City Limits?  More likely, you discovered her via her wildly popular 2007 masterful collaboration, Raising Sand, with Robert Plant (yes, the one and only Led Zeppelin hard rocker)—produced by the distinguished and innovative Mr. T. Bone Burnett (do look him up). But, if by slim chance you haven't yet been acquainted with this multi, multi talented woman, then you simply must, there is no longer any excuse. Here, an opportunity...

The introduction... by way of a an old Everly Brothers tune (and rockin' with Plant):

But wait... more... (because yes, Robert is fantastic and now you are likely ready to go, go go —done moved onbut this really is about Alison) Alisonbacked up by the venerable Union Station—slowing it down a bit, this, one of my daughter's favorite songs:

This accomplished singer, songwriter, fiddlerGONE, GONE, GONE... out of this world good. 

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