Friday, October 29, 2010

"Friday Night Frolic" - Acoustic Alchemy

Richard Thompson L.A. based British folk scene icon. Serious songster. Volumes of variegated verse. Six-string picking prodigy. Divinely deft. 

Performing tonight, 10/29/10, at Berkley Performance Center, Boston, MA.

Here, hypnotizing with his Mingus Eyes:

And herepaying heartfelt homage to a motorbikeperforming 1952 Vincent Black Lightning:

A girl could feel special on any such like.


  1. I saw 'Richard Thompson' listed in...that list down the right side of the page (my mind, my mind). Saw him a billion years ago at The Palace in Hollywood with T-Bone Burnett at a time when SHOOT OUT THE LIGHTS was the album (yes, THAT long ago) and Wall of Death was my song of choice. Isn't he one smoooooth customer? Love your videos, love the beret.

  2. Marylinn- Oy, I go back and look at this entry and blush in embarrassment. The early days of the Friday Night Frolic were a little sad. :/

    I didn't give Mr. Thompson nearly enough attention. But that's probably because simultaneously with this post I was writing a short story in which the protagonist had a fleeting, delusional love affair with Thompson. I worked several of his song titles into the narrative, which my writing professor seemed to think could be an issue come publication time (like I'd have it published!). But I had already done my research and knew that song titles are not protected by copyright. In any event, I still haven't edited that story to a publication-worthy form.

    He is smooth, yes, very smooth. I love that beret, too. :)