Friday, September 17, 2010

"Friday Night Frolic" - It's Friday Night - Go On, Raise a Ruckus

What a girl would tweet if a girl could tweetRock me. 
Click HERE for more about Old Crow Medicine Show (the fab five).


  1. Oh.My. Insert deity here. You are an OCMS person! Now I dig you to the max. I reckon I am the biggest fan in Oz. Love their stuff and have seen them quite a few times whenever they decide to hit ole Melbourne town.
    Love this song in particlear!.
    Where in heck did you come from??
    Good post madam, very good post ;)

  2. Dan- Can you believe you're the only one who commented here? Does it take someone half a world away to recognize talent, or is that I just have a bunch of suburban mamas who've never left their back yards reading my sappy blog? (This is not ALL of you ladies - oh, coolest of cools, you know who you are, you just missed this post.) These guys are extraordinary. The talent, the heart. Pure joy.
    To answer you query: just some shabby mill town inhabited by a bunch of Canucks (self included) working the threads back in the day. It's quite a different place now, mills all shut down - only mum is still there.