Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Seeking Its Own Level


This gorgeous anthology (two of my water photos appear on its covers!) has been released by Motes Books, and features writings from authors and Bennington Writing Seminars faculty Amy Hempel, Bret Anthony Johnston, Jill McCorkle, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, and many of my friends and cohorts from BWS, as well as other emerging and renowned writers and poets.

David Joy, author of Growing Gills: A Fly Fisherman's Journey, says of Motif v4: Seeking Its Own Level—an anthology of writings about water:
"'Under the rocks are the words,' Norman Maclean wrote of the river, and in this water-themed volume of MOTIF all stones are thrown aside. What's left are the words. From established forces like Margaret Atwood to emerging voices like John Sealy, this anthology is a rare blend of literary current guaranteed to leave you breathless."
You can purchase your very own copy at Amazon.com here.

Many thanks to Denton Loving, editor, and Kate Larken at Motes Books for this stunning collection of words on water.


  1. How dare you tease those of us who are still awake with a blog post?!? You could've at least included some music or something. :)

    (Haven't read the anthology yet but it goes more or less without saying that I love the covers.) (Oh, damn, I just said it anyhow...)

    1. JES- Thanks for shaking the golden slumbers from your eyes. My first credit in a literary journal. :) Next, I'll shoot for an essay. ;)

    2. Just now thought to check here for a follow-up...

      My guess? YOU won't have to shoot for too long. I would k,i,l,l for your gifts.

      ("Oh!" she said. "Tell me more...!" ;))

  2. Good to see that your blog has resurrected.

    Looks like a cool book. Your writing skills and photography skills have always been superior, I think >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  3. Congratulations on your publication! I think this news is as wonderful as your writing! Hope summer is coming along well for you! Enjoy! ;)