Friday, July 23, 2010

Makin' Whoopie

There's a time for makin' whoopee... 

...And then there's a time for making whoopie! 

Those of you who have read my posts on this blog have probably already figured out that I have a bit of a sweet tooth. And if you haven't been reading, well, here's a hint, right here... WHOOPIE! 

WHOOPIE PIES. Almost, almost better than whoopee. 

Wish I could claim that I made this gorgeous stack of yummies.     

But I didn't.                                                                       
Instead, I found a whoopie pie cake (yes, yes!) made fresh at Steve's Snack bakery in Skowhegan, ME (not far from our Maine camp!). All it took was for my little boy-man to plant a seed while we waited for our sandwiches at the deli, where the monstrous piethe choco-sandwichsat (mirroring all the monstrous subs in the deli). "Wouldn't that be funny if that came home with us?" he asked grinning, pointing at the confection. He was thinking of his 'lil sister of course, all whoop whoop crazy for the pie. And so, why not? Why not surprise her with it when she returns from her fabulous MSC Fine Arts camp.  Why not, indeed—a rather logical step, a discerning denouement to Monday's BK Big Fish. (You remember... that 640 calorie sinker, but I'm not going to even bother searching for the whoopie's nutritional data.)

As a young girl, I used to make this chocolaty, cupcake like pie with my grandmother. Based on a recipe that likely came from Amish country, or Maine. I couldn't wait to spoon out marshmallow in preparation for the filling, so fluffy that one bite would send me floating away with the clouds. We made the chocolate cake from scratch, and grandmother carefully assembled the treat while I licked the spoons with abandon. I haven't made these pies in years, but with this easy cake mix version recipe (click here for recipe), I may give it a whirl. And for the real whoopie novice, you can even bake them in your own whoopie pie pan from Williams-Sonoma!

So... the best news (at least I think so!) for my Cumberland friendsthis Ultimate Whoopie Pie (as it has been so aptly named) is available, along with other Steve's Snacks pastries, at J's Deli on Diamond Hill Road.  So, go. Go now! Yes, Yes! Go get one before they've all taken flight, orbiting northern Rhode Island. These sweet saucers won't be grounded for much longer.

A very happy Lulu.

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  1. We will make the Big Man whip up a batch.