Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Feel Bad About Everything I Ever Said About Donuts…

… or if I made anyone who ever ingested—or thought about ingesting—a donut feel guilty. Give no attention to any of my remarks regarding National Donut Day (more on that below) for I discovered that there’s a genuine history behind this special day that occurs on the first Friday of June each year: it was born out of the Donut Day event that was created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honor those women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I. So there it is—a patriotic remembrance of our nation’s First World War. Thank you Dunkin’ Donuts, and Krispy Kremes of the nation for keeping this tradition alive. And to think, all these years past, I could have devoured French crullers and chocolate éclairs guilt free. I’ll be sure to take advantage of it next year; I’ve already plugged the date into my Outlook calendar.

 But truthfully, the real reason for my remorse is this morning's Lemon Meringue Pie binge. I can explain: I dreamt about the pie last night—a lemon-aroma-infused twilight illusion. I'm pretty certain I even talked about it. And then I woke, and remembered that a pie, the pie, the lemon meringue pie, was in the fridge. It had been there for a few days, covered by a bag of arugula, had been my daughter’s birthday pie, in fact. But she fancied the oversized Oreo Cookie cupcake, and the pie went neglected but for the sliver I consumed that rainy Thursday evening as we celebrated the little one's big 11.

When I opened the fridge (the first thing I always do when I walk into my kitchen) this morning, there it sat, the pungent pie, fate gawking at me, staring me down like a pelican does a fish. I had no choice but to quickly, quietly grab a fork and plunge-dive through the curd and meringue before it could get the best of me. And—fuhyew—as you can see by its remains, it did not. I wish I could credit self-control with preventing me from wiping out the entire lemon meringue species, but I have none, and therefore cannot; however, and thankfully, my throat pouch isn’t nearly as big as a pelicans.

 Mind you, this was not a guilt-free all-on attack. Penance is a salad-only dinner (and maybe a few prunes). And I’d love to announce to the world that it won’t ever happen again, but guess what guys?...

(No kidding, it's one of many American Food Holidays.)
Can you believe this?! Oh yes, it’s on my calendar… one more guilty (or maybe not so guilty) pleasured, lard-laced holiday reserved. I wonder if Dunkin’ Donuts has a lemon meringue pie donut??

June 4, 2010:  NATIONAL DONUT DAY.

National Donut Day? Are you kidding me? That's right, and to celebrate the occasion, today Dunkin' Donuts was giving away one free donut with your coffee purchase.

Question: Have you any idea how many calories are in one glazed donut? Answer: A few hundred or so (unless it's a diet donut - really, diet!, like Krispy Kreme Low Trans donuts) . That may not seem like alot - depending on how many daily calories you consume - but just one Dunkin' Donuts Glazed Cake Stick, containing 340 calories, consists of 9 grams of saturated fat, 20 grams of regular ole' fat, 300 mg of sodium, and 20 grams of sugar. More than half the donut is pure fat.

If you must have your daily donut, you may take comfort in the fact that the same Glazed Cake Stick also contains 1 whopping gram of fiber! Still, you may want to have a few prunes with that breakfast.

I wonder if Dunkin' Donuts can give enough of these away?

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  1. Jayne - you're cracking me up. I had posted National Donut Day on my FB too but didn't feel any guilt about it. I know the history of the donut but actually don't encourage anyone to eat them as they are super unhealthy for the most part. But to each his own, right. I'm all about trying everything BUT in moderation. And its OK to go a little overboard sometimes, as long as you're taking care of your body, mind and spirit. Don't be so hard on yourself for eating 2 slices of that pie (which looks great BTW). You're right on about self-control. I believe that many weight issues stem from not being able to control what your mind is saying. If we worked on that and stayed true to it, self-control would be easier. Its a longer topic, but just wanted to share. I had a coffee and munchkin from DD that morning. It was goooood.